Soldiers Xmas



Peace on Earth. It’s such a central message of the Christmas season, but wars don’t stop for Christmas. Nor do they prevent Christmas from being celebrated by soldiers far from home fighting for that peace. In fact, many of our beloved Christmas traditions came out of wartime celebrations.

Prior to the Revolutionary War, Christmas in America was a quiet religious occasion and not celebrated with a lot of outward festivities. Many historians credit the Hessian soldiers from Germany, who fought in America alongside the British, with introducing Christmas trees to the United States. Decorated trees were just starting to catch on when the Civil War broke out, and at least one account records Civil War soldiers as decorating their tree with “hard tack and pork” – materials they had on hand, just as they would have used popcorn, dried fruit, pinecones, and homemade paper decorations had they been celebrating at home. Later generations of soldiers did their best to maintain established traditions that reminded them of home, with visits from Santa, wrapped gifts arriving from loved ones, decorations, and usually a special Christmas meal.

See how soldiers celebrated the holidays on the battlefront during different eras and different wars

(Rev War, Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam)

  • Crafts for Sale

  • Musical Entertainment

  • Refreshments Available

  • Collection for Active Military Serving Overseas*

Held at WEINGARTNER PARK – 2nd & Summit St, North Wales PA 19454

Collection for Service Men and Women Overseas

As part of our A Soldier’s Christmas program on December 4th 2016, the North Wales Borough Park & Rec will be collecting items to send to service men and women overseas. You may drop off items on Friday December 2nd at the North Wales Borough Hall during normal business hours and the day of the program on December 4th . Items we’re collecting include:

  • Flip flops, men’s and women’s white socks

  • Unscented soap, wipes, deodorant, shampoo, hand sanitizer, foot powder, Chapstick/Blistex, moisturizer (please note, all products should be unscented)

  • Saline eyewash, individual tissue packets, individual wrapped rolls of toilet paper

  • Holiday decorations, individually wrapped non-chocolate candies, non-dairy creamer, small tubes of Crystal Light, 12 oz. bags or smaller of coffee, sugar/Splenda packets, nutrition bars, small bags of chips, cookies (no peanuts, put in Gladware-type container if homemade)

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