Registration Info & Rules

New WW2




  • All groups & individuals wishing to participate in event activities must Pre-register by ONLINE Registration, US Mail, or email through,  NO WALK ON’S THE DAY OF THE EVENT.


  • All Reenactors must be listed as a PARTICIPANT OF A PRE-REGISTERED REENACTMENT GROUPS processed and approved by Event Coordinators.


  • All new Reenactor groups & individual registrations will be reviewed and approved by event coordinators.


  • Please fill in the Online Reenactor Registration form by April 15th 2017, if there are any questions or concerns please email



  • This is a 2 day event (May 6th Saturday & May 7th Sunday). We appreciate and encourage all groups and group members to stay for the FULL 2 DAY EVENT. This is a Rain or Shine event!! There will be No Rain Date.


  • All registered reenactors must be in their period uniform/ period clothing for entry on Saturday and Sunday during the event.


  • Each registered Reenactor will receive an event information for May 6th & May 7th 2017. The event program will have the list of events for the day, info on the park, and event rules & regulation.

  • All US Soldier reenactors will be encouraged, to report to the USO Dance and Reenactor Dinner ($10 per person except Battle Reenactors which are covered with battle fees). Uniforms are required. (Class A, B, C, D) German Troops are welcomed as well.





  • If you are participating in the battle there is a required $15 fee which will cover you under our insurance if something happens during the battle. Again this means if you want to participate in the REENACTMENT BATTLE ONLY, you will need to pay the insurance fee.  Individual Group Insurance will not be excepted this year due to site insurance requirements.

    All reenactors will receive Reenactor Wristband at registration. If you are just a Living History Group only with displays the site does not require anything at this time and you don’t have to pay the Insurance fee. However outside of the battle while on the grounds of the property the event organizers and property owners are not responsible for any injuries you may obtain or lost/stolen/damaged goods. So please make sure that your coverage is up to date and if you want info on where to obtain coverage for your display goods please ask as we can give you a referral to a company.


  • ALL PARTICIPANTS IN THE BATTLE MUST HAVE STAMPED REENACTOR WRISTBAND FOR ENTRANCE TO THE BATTLE. If you DO NOT have a wristband while on the battlefield you will be asked to leave the field.

  • This year we will have 2 Safety Officers / Weapon Inspectors. All weapons & Ammo must be inspected by Valley Forge Event Safety Officers.


  • No hand to hand combat, No mock executions, No fixed bayonets or unsheathed bayonets/ knives. Do not point the muzzle directly at another reenactor or there vehicles.


  • All Reenactors in the battle will police the field after the engagement is finished. That means No one leaves the field until all the brass is picked up.


Arrival / Set-up / Breakdown


  • Enter via the main entrance to the park off Valley Forge Rd. (a large sign and Flag is at the entrance of the driveway). This is the same entrance that all the spectators & guests will be using.


  • Registration Check In will open 3:00 pm Friday and close 9:30 am Saturday Morning. YOU MUST REGISTER BY 9:30 am or you will not be allowed to participate for the weekend. If you can’t make the registration cut off time please contact us, so we can check you in for the weekend.

  • When you arrive, please check in, pay insurance fee (CASH ONLY) and have ammunition/weapons checked. (Location will be clearly marked.) You will receive your information, and your setup location for the weekend.

  • Set up – Friday: 4:00 pm – 8:00pm (contact us if you need to come earlier or later)    Saturday & Sunday: 6:30am – 9:00am (all cars out of the show area by 9:30 am).

  • Breakdown Sunday – 3:00 pm




  • All groups are welcome to camp on site Friday evening through Sunday afternoon.


  • Firewood and bathroom facilities will be available allweekend


  • Digging fox-holes or fire pits are allowed (But must be approved by the event coordinators). Campfires are allowed, in Metal fire rings or Metal Containers and never left unattended.


  • Please respect the historic buildings, monuments, & grounds.


  • You will be responsible for cleaning up your camp site, making sure campfires out with water and fill in fox holes.


Vehicle Parking


  • Parking is on site, not far from the WWII reenactment area. If you need to unload, please follow the drive way toward the field and you will be directed to your area. If you do not need to unload, just park in the field that is marked Reenactor parking. There may be designated parking sites for only allied troops & axis troops.


  • This year there will be no parking aloud in main parking lot starting Friday morning May 5th until Sunday May 7th. Unless you are a Military Vendor, Food Vendor, or in the Antique Car show. There will be access through parking lot to camps, but no parking.


Please understand that the event coordinators have the right remove you off the property (via the Phoenixville Police Department) for not complying with park & event rules at Any Time for Any Reason.

NOTE to All reenactors , vehicle owners and living historians if you are disrespectful to the event staff, public, veterans, park property, or to each other don’t expect to be invited back next year. If you register and don’t show up for the event, without letting us know, don’t expect to be invited back next year. Thank You