Reenactor Registration Form

New WW2

 Online Registration 2017 Form Click Here!!!!!

Online Registration forms for 2017 are up on the website and WWII Weekend at Valley Forge Facebook page. Registration is open and closes April 21st 2017, so email me your paperwork or register online  if you choose to participate again this year.  As for this year again the new site is requiring all reenactment groups or units to be covered under insurance. This means if you want to participate in the REENACTMENT BATTLE ONLY, you will need to Pay a $15 insurance fee. This will cover you for the weekend under our event insurance and with also give you entrance to the Reenactor Dinner Saturday night. Again if you pay the insurance fee, you get into the battle and dinner!!!

If you are just a living history group only with displays we are not requiring anything at this time and you don’t have to pay the Insurance fee, but if you would like to stay for the Reenactor Dinner on Saturday Night it will be a $10 Cover at the door for this year. You must pre-register online for the dinner Saturday Night. This is a professionally catered dinner by the Freedoms Foundation and dinner menu will be posted soon on the website.

Below is a copy of the Registration form for 2017.




Last Name: _______________________


 Address: _____________________________________________________

City: ______________State: ____ Zip: _________

Phone Number: ____________________

E-mail: ___________________________

Describe your impression:




Group Organizations(for groups only)

Group/Unit Name: _______________________________________


Group/Unit leader,

Last Name: _______________________

First Name: _______________________

 Address: _____________________________________________________

City: ______________State: ____ Zip: _________

Phone Number: ____________________

E-mail: ___________________________

Number of Members Attending: _____qty. (Please list member names on the next page.)

Unit Members names: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Group/Display Description:

What size is your display?
Please include any tents and the sizes of those tents (if registering as a group only have your unit commander list this)


 Please check off activities for the weekend:

1)    Living History, Display, & Reenactment Battle

2)    Living History & Display only

3)    Living History Reenactor Only


Are you 18 yrs or Older?

Anyone participating must be at least 18 yrs older or accompanied by parent or legal guardian for the weekend.


Will you be attending the dinner?